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Engineers are problem solvers – just like Ocean Optics.

From our very first sale to the hundreds of thousands of units since, Ocean Optics modular spectrometers, accessories and software have been designed with the problem solvers in mind: components that are as flexible as you need them to be, produced in single unit or high volume quantities, with support tailored to your specific application needs.


Thin Film Reflectometer

Semiconductor Processing Solutions

Flexible, modular solutions for material analysis, plasma monitoring and film thickness measurements

Example Setup: Photovoltaics Materials Measurement


A thin film on a substrate can act as an etalon, creating an interference pattern superimposed on the surface reflectivity when viewed in reflection. The spacing of the pattern’s sinusoidal peaks, when combined with the refraction index of the material, can be used to calculate the thickness of materials such as coatings used in photovoltaic panels.

Spectra observed in our operating software reveal oscillations caused by optical interference within the layers of the thin film substrate. Analysis of the wavelength position of the minima or maxima can determine the thin film’s thickness (with the known refractive index of the film) or its refractive index (with the known film thickness).


The HR2000+ES enhanced-sensitivity spectrometer is one of many options for reflectometry of thin films. The spectrometer is preconfigured with a wide-range grating set for ~200-1050 nm, a 10 µm slit and a detector collection lens for enhanced sensitivity. Also, the optical bench has a quartz window for UV transmission and the OFLV-200-1100 variable longpass order-sorting filter to eliminate second- and third-order effects.

Additional options for thin film measurement include our NanoCalc Reflectometry Systems.

Sampling Optics

A QR400-7-VIS-NIR reflection probe positioned at 90° to the sample measures specular reflectance from surfaces such as thin films. We couple our HL-2000 tungsten halogen light source to the probe for illumination and add a reflection probe holder and specular reflectance standard (not shown) to complete the sampling setup.

Alternatively, we can replace the probe holder and reflectance standard with a Single-point Reflection Stage and Si-SiO2 reference wafer (see illustration). STEP-WAFER reference standards are available in UV-VIS and VIS-NIR wavelengths, are 100 mm in diameter and are 5-step wafers with calibrated thickness ranges of 0-500 nm and 600-1100 nm.


OceanView spectroscopy software completes the system. If you select a thin film measurement system such as NanoCalc, standard and add-on software are available for thickness measurement, mapping functions, spectral simulation and more.

Photovoltaics Materials Measurement System Components

HR2000+ES High-resolution spectrometer with enhanced sensitivity is configured with an extended-range grating (200-1050 nm), 10 µm slit and variable longpass filter and quartz window (DET2B-200-1100)
HL-2000 Tungsten halogen light source (360-2400 nm)
QP400-7-UV-VIS Premium-grade 400 µm diameter fiber optic reflection probe; 2 m length
Reflection probe fixture options RPH-1 holds 0.25” (6.35 mm) diameter probes at 45° and 90° to the surface STAGE Single-point Reflection Stage holds 0.25” (6.35 mm) diameter probes and accommodates substrates up 150 mm in diameter
Reference standard options STAN-SSH high-reflectivity specular reflectance standard STEP-WAFER options are Si-SiO2 reference wafers for thickness measurements of thin films on silicon wafers and other substrates
OceanView Spectroscopy operating software

Example Setup: Photovoltaic Analysis





Application-ready System for NIR, Food Safety and Agricultural Measurements
Flame Spectrometer

Flame Spectrometer

High Thermal Stability, Interchangeable Slits


Diffuse Reflectance Package
SpecLine – Analysis Software

SpecLine – Analysis Software

Software for Compound Identification
Flame-NIR Spectrometer

Flame-NIR Spectrometer

Compact NIR Instrument
STS Developers Kit

STS Developers Kit

Connect, Code, Create with New Sensing Tools
HR2000+ (Custom)

HR2000+ (Custom)

Custom High Resolution Spectrometer for Maximum Flexibility
LSM Series LED Light Sources

LSM Series LED Light Sources

High-Performance UV, Visible and Broadband LEDs
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