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Life Sciences

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Ocean Optics spectrometers, accessories, sub-systems and complete solutions are ideal for many applications in the life sciences, with solutions available for users ranging from researchers and technicians to OEMs and industrial customers. The life sciences comprise multiple disciplines and technologies, with our offering comprising three primary categories:

Biotechnology Applications
Our flexible spectrometer platforms help you develop and optimize biomolecule measurements and the associated processes for pharmaceuticals, medicine and agriculture.

Medical Diagnostics
Select from spectrometers, embedded systems, optical sensors and other tools to solve measurement challenges from research and development to point-of-care diagnostics.

Protein and Nucleic Acid Analysis
Component-based spectrometer systems for absorbance and fluorescence measurements and small-volume sampling accessories are among the options available for protein characterization and biological analyses.


Biotechnology Applications
Biotechnology Applications

Ocean Optics offers modular spectrometers, accessories and software that can be used to help optimize biological systems and processes for applications in pharmaceuticals, medicine, agriculture and biological engineering.

Medical Diagnostics
Medical Diagnostics

Ocean Optics provides spectrometers, embedded systems, optical sensors and other tools to solve research, development and point-of-care diagnostics measurement challenges.

Protein & Nucleic Acid Analysis
Protein & Nucleic Acid Analysis

Ocean Optics offers spectrometers and accessories supporting a variety of sensing techniques for protein and nucleic acid analysis, including UV-Vis and NIR spectroscopy, Raman analysis and fluorescence.

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