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Making Modular Spectroscopy Work for You

Get the Most out of Your Spectroscopy Measurements

Imagine you’ve designed a miniature, modular spectrometer that’s unlike anything else on the market. That’s great. But you still need a way to get light to your sample, you still need an accessory to hold your sample, and you still need one of a dozen different fixtures, filters and other equipment to manage your experiment.

Snake measurement

And thus began the evolution of Ocean Optics’ miniature, modular spectrometer offerings. With each application challenge came some new insight that could be built into future generations of products, with development of clever accessories and advances in detectors and optical components. Consider just a few key elements of spectrometer modularity:

  • Taking the Measurement to the Sample, Part I. When the emergence of miniature spectrometers coincided with development of portable, low-cost PCs and modular fiber optics, spectroscopy was no longer limited to the lab. Opportunities in field and process applications were now viable.
  • Taking the Measurement to the Sample, Part II. Modular spectrometers are compact and lightweight, so mounting them on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was inevitable.
    Today, applications including vegetation analysis, environmental monitoring and oil and gas research have already been explored by our customers, and we offer integration tools like the STS Developers Kit to enable other lofty pursuits.
  • Eliminating (or Close to it) Spectrometer Design Trade-offs. Do you know what’s great about modular spectroscopy? All the flexibility you have. Do you know what’s not so great about modular spectroscopy? All the flexibility you have. All kidding aside, the emergence of the  interchangeable slit design in our Flame, QE Pro and NIRQuest spectrometers has allowed users to mitigate the trade-offs associated with choosing a specific slit width. Now, the spectrometer can be quickly and easily optimized for a particular measurement or technique, without disrupting its internal optics and eliminating any need for recalibration. See how simple it is to change slits on the QE Pro spectrometer in this video demonstration.
  • Offering Accessories for the Tinkerer in All of Us. We offer hundreds of light sources, optical fibers and sampling accessories, most of them as simple to switch out as turning a few screws on a fiber. What’s more, many of the accessories we offer today were the result of customer requests.

The evolution of modular spectroscopy continues, adapting to meet market needs and enabling you to make the measurements you want – when, where and how you want to make them. 

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