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Ocean Optics
Worldwide Headquarters
Largo, Florida, USA

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Sales, Service
& Support Facility
Duiven, The Netherlands

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Ocean Optics GmbH Sales,
Service & Support Facility
Ostfildern, Germany

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Sales Support
for the
United Kingdom

+44 1865-819922

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Sales, Service
& Support Facilities
Shanghai, PRC – Beijing, PRC

+86 21-6295-6600

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OEM Development Team

Our skilled and dedicated engineering team supports more than 400 OEM customers worldwide and the shipment of more than 10,000 customized systems annually. They work at Ocean Optics because they love doing new things, and are passionate about innovation. They are not content with a typical 9-to-5 job. They want to make a difference, and it shows in how they consistently go the extra mile for our customers.


Where others see limits, we see possibilities…


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Optical Engineers

Coaxing light from source to sample to detector efficiently while ensuring the integrity of the measurement is as much an art as a science. Our optical engineers have a deep understanding of how our products manipulate light, which when combined with modeling and hands-on experimentation allows them to optimize optical designs at the system level. With experience in both research and industry, they are able to design optical systems for novel applications that deliver consistent performance.


Opto-Mechanical Engineers

This group designs and finely aligns the physical structures that hold the optical and electronic components in our systems. If you need a unique sample interface or a housing for rugged field use, they can create it. With backgrounds in diverse industries such as aerospace/defense, electronics, advanced laser systems, medical devices and nuclear power, this team has the breadth of experience to tackle almost any opto-mechanical challenge.


Electrical Engineers

Optics and mechanics are useless without electronics to control and read out data. Our EEs design the CCAs and power management circuits that make our components work seamlessly as a system. The customized solutions they create allow our systems to function as more than just the sum of their parts, drawing on technology learned from careers working in industrial control systems, robotics, power, industrial computing, utilities, laser systems and automation.


Software Engineers

Once the physical system has been designed, this group provides the low-level device drivers and high-level graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that make a system’s capabilities accessible at the touch of a button. With expertise gained in the aerospace/defense, online retail, communication and information systems, and gaming industries, the team can help you access and control spectrometers from nearly any language or platform you might imagine. If you can imagine it, they can probably code it.


Engineering and Program Managers

These are the people who keep everything moving, and all the parts working together to complete projects and transfer them to manufacturing on time. They develop and monitor program schedules, create achievable product specifications to meet our customers’ needs, and ensure that the customized component or system we promised gets delivered on time and to specification.


We’re here to help customers creatively innovate around technical obstacles when cutting-edge applications require a completely new approach. We are part of your team.

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