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Maya Series

Maya2000 Pro

Maya series spectrometers are a great choice for absorbance, emission and other applications requiring high sensitivity, good UV-NIR response and wide dynamic range. Maya2000 Pro series spectrometers are available in custom configured (you select the ideal combination of bench components) and preconfigured (we optimize the spectrometer for specific applications) options.


Example Setup: Maya2000 Pro for UV Gas Analysis

With its excellent UV response and great flexibility, Maya2000 Pro is an ideal option for measurement of UV gases and plasmas. By monitoring the emission spectrum of a sample plasma, we can determine critical parameters required for controlling processes in semiconductor manufacturing and more. Here’s one example setup:


Maya 2000 Pro connected to laptop and plasma chamber


Featured Components

Maya2000 Pro High-sensitivity spectrometer configured with an extended-range grating (200-1100 nm), 25 µm slit and variable longpass filter (please note: setups for systems with response <200 nm will require different optical bench accessories)
74-UV Collimating Lens Lens attaches to optical fiber and is placed against plasma chamber viewport to collect signal; for sampling within the chamber, setups will require vacuum feed-through fitting and accessories
QP400-2-SR-BX Premium-grade, solarization resistant optical fiber; 400 µm diameter, 2 m length, stainless steel BX jacketing
OceanView Spectrometer operating software
Note: There are various configurations possible using the Maya2000 Pro and other Ocean Optics spectrometers to effectively measure the UV response of gases and plasmas. Contact us for help optimizing the best setup for your application.


Maya2000 Pro at a Glance


Detector and Bench Characteristics

Sample Applications

Maya2000 Pro (custom) Configurable from VUV to NIR, with excellent response <190 nm
  • VUV and UV-Vis analysis of plasmas, gases and emission sources
  • Emission of gases in semiconductor processing


Maya2000 Pro Series: Additional Resources



Maya2000 Pro (Custom)
Maya2000 Pro (Custom)
High Sensitivity Spectrometer
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