Education Kits for Science

Education Kits for Science


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Ocean Optics has packaged its robust, small-footprint spectral sensing systems with a versatile illuminated cuvette holder and the ideal combination of accessories and software to help bring the excitement of spectroscopy to STEM labs everywhere. Take advantage of these affordable kits to demonstrate principles of spectroscopy through absorbance, transmission, fluorescence, emission and pH measurements.

Replace outdated lab equipment with reliable, easy to use teaching lab spectrometers. These compact, integrated systems have no moving parts, provide full spectral analysis, and operate in Mac, Linux and Windows.

Educational Kit at Glance

  • STS-Vis microspectrometer (350-800 nm)
  • Light source with built-in cuvette holder for absorbance and fluorescence
  • Accessories for pH, color and emission measurements
  • Software and science curricula
  • Handy carrying case

Experiment Possibilities

  • Absorbance: Beer’s Law
  • Emission: Atomic emission
  • Fluorescence: Excited state molecules
  • pH: Henderson Hasselbalch
  • Transmission: Color measurement

Applications in which this product is used:

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used:


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