EMBED Spectrometer

EMBED Spectrometer


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EMBED is a small-footprint spectrometer for industrial process control and OEM optical measurement systems. EMBED provides excellent thermal stability and measurement reliability, and is packaged with a minimal set of essential electronics to reduce device footprint and simplify integration. With its robust onboard electronics, EMBED provides fundamental spectral preprocessing and multi-channel capability, as well as native SPI communication support to establish a fast, stable interface with microcontrollers and industrial control systems. EMBED requires a high level of electrical engineering customization and is recommended for OEM customers only. It is designed to accommodate a high degree of customization and volume production, in support of a wide variety of high-volume application needs.

  • Seamless integration – designed for use in OEM and process applications
  • High thermal stability – ideal for temperature changes and challenging environments
  • SPI or USB communication – versatile interface options

Engineering Specifications EMBED Spectrometer
Detector: Sony ILX511B
Detector range: 200-1100 nm
Focal length (input): 42 mm
Focal length (output): 68 mm (75 mm, 83 mm and 90 mm also available)
Gratings: Multiple options within 200-1100 nm
Entrance slit: 5 µm, 10 µm, 25 µm, 50 µm, 100 µm or 200 µm
Fiber connector: SMA 905
Integration time: 1 ms-60 seconds
Optical resolution: ~0.3-10.0 nm (FWHM) (grating and slit dependent)
Dynamic range (typical): 1300:1 (per pixel)
Signal to Noise: 250:1 (single acquisition)
Stray light: <0.05% @ 600 nm; <0.10% @ 435 nm
Power requirement: 100 mA @ 3.3 VDC
Supply voltage: 2.63-3.3 VDC
A/D converter: 16 bit, 3.3 MHz

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