Premium-grade Patch Cords


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Our premium-grade optical fiber assemblies are durable, high-quality patch cords that consistently deliver uniform results with minimal signal variance.  Premium-grade patch cords act as both illumination and read fibers and connect easily to Ocean Optics spectrometers, light sources and sampling accessories.


Also consider our:
  • Standard assembly jacketing: Silicone-coated steel monocoil with a Nomex braid for superior strain relief and protection
  • -BX assembly jacketing: stainless steel BX
  • Precision SMA 905 with extra-long knurled ferrules for easy manipulation
  • Great for field and industrial use, or other rough handling environments
  • Superior quality and handling for aesthetically demanding applications like medical labs

Engineering Specifications Premium-grade Patch Cords
Jacket: Standard fibers: Silicone-coated steel monocoil with a Nomex braid for superior strain relief and protection
“-BX” fibers: Stainless steel BX
Connectors: Precision SMA 905 with knurled ferrule
Length: 25 cm – 2 m (see product variations table for options)
Fiber core size: 8 – 1000 μm (see product variations table for options)
Wavelength range: XSR, SR, UV/VIS, VIS/NIR, single-mode (see product variations table for options)
Fiber Buffer: See Fiber Bend Radius and Mechanical Specifications for details
Bend radius: See Fiber Bend Radius and Mechanical Specifications for details



Fiber Extreme Solarization Resistant
(180 – 800 nm)
Solarization Resistant 
(200 – 1100 nm)
(300 – 1100 nm)
(400 – 2100 nm)
Single Mode 
(1300 – 1600 nm)
8 µm QP8-2-SMA
50 µm QP50-2-UV-VIS QP50-2-VIS-NIR
QP50-2-UV-BX QP50-2-VIS-BX
100 µm / 115 µm QP115-025-XSR
QP115-2-XSR QP100-2-UV-VIS QP100-2-VIS-NIR
QP100-2-UV-BX QP100-2-VIS-BX
200 µm / 230 µm   QP230-0.25-XSR
QP230-2-XSR QP200-2-SR-BX QP200-2-UV-VIS QP200-2-VIS-NIR
QP200-2-UV-BX QP200-2-VIS-BX
QP200-5-UV-VIS QP200-5-VIS-NIR
QP200-10-UV-VIS QP200-10-VIS-NIR
300 µm QP300-1-SR
400 µm / 450 µm QP450-0.25-XSR QP400-025-SR
QP450-1-XSR QP400-1-UV-VIS QP400-1-VIS-NIR
 QP450-2-XSR QP400-2-SR QP400-2-UV-VIS QP400-2-VIS-NIR
QP400-2-SR-BX QP400-2-UV-BX QP400-2-VIS-BX
600 µm  QP600-025-XSR QP600-025-SR QP600-025-UV QP600-025-VIS-NIR
QP600-025-SR-BX QP600-025-UV-BX QP600-025-VIS-BX
QP600-1-XSR QP600-1-SR QP600-1-UV-VIS QP600-1-VIS-NIR
 QP600-2-XSR QP600-2-SR QP600-2-UV-VIS QP600-2-VIS-NIR
QP600-2-SR-BX QP600-2-UV-BX
1000 µm QP1000-2-SR QP1000-2-UV-VIS QP1000-2-VIS-NIR
QP1000-2-UV-BX QP1000-2-VIS-BX

Looking for an off-the-shelf 5 m or 10 m patch cord?   Need a fluoride or chalcogenide fiber for infrared use? See our lab-grade and infrared fiber patch cords.

Still don’t see the length or configuration you need?  Have us build a custom fiber assembly for you!

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used: