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Item Code: TC-DR-PROBE

The DR-Probe is a 45° diffuse reflectance probe with integrated tungsten halogen light source for simple yet elegant reflectance measurements. By fixing the probe’s collection optics in place relative to the light source, the DR-Probe design ensures that diffuse light is collected and that the measurement geometry is constant. This increases the reliability and consistency of the results.

The DR-Probe (item code TC-DR-PROBE) is ruggedly constructed and has an integrated 10,000-hour bulb, making it well suited for use outside of the lab. The DR-Probe includes a 40 mm standoff accessory, making it easier to maintain consistent focal length between the probe and the sample. In addition, we include a Spectralon reflectance standard for referencing and a block accessory for dark measurements. Add a DynaCup rotating sample stage for inhomogeneous and irregularly shaped samples, bringing the power of dynamic sampling to your measurement.

When combined with the DR-Probe, our Flame-S-Vis-NIR (350-1000 nm) and Flame-NIR (950-1650 nm) spectrometers are great options for diffuse reflectance measurements in food processing, pharmaceuticals monitoring and environmental applications.

  • Diffuse reflectance — illumination and collection optics fixed at 45° angle
  • Consistent results — 40 mm stand-off block for consistent focal length
  • Integrated light source — 6W tungsten halogen bulb w/10,000-hour lifetime
  • Easy to handle — designed for optimum heat dissipation and light source stability
  • Simple to use — includes Spectralon reflectance standard for referencing

Specifications TC-DR-Probe
Probe type: Diffuse reflectance with integrated light source
Fiber connector: SMA 905
Fiber diameter/type: Works with any standard Ocean Optics fiber diameter and type
Probe material: Anodized Al
Probe geometry (collection optics): 45° (fixed illumination angle)
Focal length: 40 mm standard (custom options available); 40 mm standoff block included
Effective illumination spot size: ~15 mm
Effective collection (reading) spot size: ~12 mm
Reflectance standard: Spectralon
Block accessory: For use in dark measurements
Light source: 6W tungsten halogen
Bulb lifetime: 10,000 hours
Power supply: Wall plug – 110/240 AC input; 5 VDC output
Targeted techniques: Diffuse Vis-NIR reflectance of solid samples with rough or matte surfaces
Best for: Color measurement, materials identification and reflectance of food, feed and crops
Referencing: Spectralon reflectance standard included
Companion accessory: Use with DynaCup rotating sample holder for diffuse reflectance of irregularly shaped samples such as grains
Also recommended: Add an adjustable fixture or clamp for mounting the probe above samples; options include Ocean Optics probe holder accessories

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