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Item Code: USB2000 VIS-NIR

The USB2000 VIS-NIR is a miniature spectrometer pre-configured for general visible and near-IR measurements. Covering a wide wavelength range, from 350 to 1000 nm, this high-performance spectrometer fits into the palm of your hand giving your spectroscopy applications new flexibility. Using the modular approach, you can customize your absorbance and reflectance measurements with our wide array of sampling accessories and light sources.

  • Modular – covers the 350-1000 nm range and connects to light sources, cuvettes and other accessories
  • Fast – integration time is 1 ms – 65 seconds
  • Portable – fiber optic based spectrometer you can bring to the sample
  • Compatible – triggering functions synchronize the spectrometer to other devices
  • Eco-friendly – operates without external power

Dimensions: 89.1 mm x 63.3 mm x 34.4 mm
Weight: 190 g
Detector: Sony ILX511B (2048-element linear silicon CCD array)
Wavelength range: 350-1000 nm
Integration time: 1 ms – 65 seconds (20 seconds typical)
Dynamic range: 8.5 x 10^7 (system); 1300:1 for a single acquisition
Signal-to-noise ratio: 250:1 (full signal)
Dark noise: 50 RMS counts
Grating: 600 lines/mm, set to 350-1000 nm (blazed at 500 nm)
Slit: 25 µm
Detector collection lens: No
Order-sorting: OFLV-350-1000
Optical resolution: 1.5 nm FWHM
Stray light: <0.05% at 600 nm; <0.10% at 435 nm
Fiber optic connector: SMA 905 to 0.22 numerical aperture single-strand fiber
Wavelength range: 350-1000 nm

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